I Can't Sell Your Home If I Can't Get In

Making your home accessible and easy to show is something I've mention, but bears repeating. Why? Let me share what it's like to set up showings through the eyes of an agent.

Monday, I planned to show 4 properties on Sturgeon Lake, to some clients that were coming in from out of town. On Sunday, I mapped out my showings, put together the schedule and sat down to call the 4 agents to let them know I wanted to show their listings. Easy, right? More than plenty of notice, right? It turned out to be far from easy.

Let me break it down for you:

  1. Property 1. The showing instructions read "Appointment Only", and "24 hour Notice Required". This was an owner-occupied home. There were 2 small dogs on the property when we got there. I had to call the listing agent who had to call her seller, get approval to go in, move the pets, and then call me back.

  2. Property 2. The showing instructions were "Restricted Access - Call the Listing Agent". Inconvenient, but okay. I can do that. I left a message Sunday afternoon, and again Sunday night. I left another message Monday morning, but still no response. Notably, the remarks to agents on the listing of Property 2 stated "Easy To Show. Call (name) at (number) for Showing Instructions". I will share a secret with you. "Easy To Show" is almost always the kiss of death and actually means "Damn Near Impossible To Show". So, I had to call the real estate office of the listing agent to plea my case. They assured me that they would release an all points bulletin in an effort to find the listing agent. About 2 hours before my pre-arranged meeting with the buyers, I get the call - "No problem. Go ahead and go. They'll leave out the lockbox." Talk about a close call!

  3. Property 3. Scheduling this showing was a gift to soothe my nerves. The showing instructions simply read, "Call First", and listed the homeowners number.

  4. Property 4. The showing instructions read "Appointment Only", "Call First" and "Please call first and make an appointment at (number). Seller to control lockbox." Not as easy as Property 3, but okay. I called Sunday, twice, and again on Monday. Not even an answering machine! Finally, 3 hours before my Sturgeon Lake home tour schedule was to begin, someone answered the phone. However, the seller was out of the country! I asked to show the listing, but was asked to call back in 20 minutes. I called back, quite apprehensive and hopeful, and someone else again answered the phone, and gave permission.

Obviously, this was quite stressful and time consuming for me. In this instance, I had a client specifically looking for these 4 homes. Would I have tried this diligently to show these homes otherwise? Certainly not. There are so many options on the market that are significantly easier to get into. Any why all of these hurdles? Don't you want a buyer to see your home? This is not the time nor place to play the dating game of "hard to get". I only want to sell your home. I won't always jump hoops to show your home.

Come on people... just let me in!