Hire An Agent That Knows How To Market

Today, I came across an excellent article via Twitter: Missy Caulk. It was a wonderful article on "Selling Your Home IN A Buyer's Market" by Bill Gassett of Massachusetts.

One thing I particularly found interesting was his advice on selecting an agent. Remember, one of the critical goals is to find an effective marketing person for your property. He suggested taking a moment to Google the agent you are considering hiring and he asks the important question if an agent does not know how to market themselves, how could you possibly expect them to do a good job marketing your home?

I'd like to take this wonderful advice a step further. Look at what comes up when you Google them. Do you find purely self promotion? Or do you find an agent that is really speaking to consumers as well? This is an important distinction. If it's constant self promotion, they are effectively marketing themselves but are they focusing on the needs of consumers? The type of agent providing listing, market information and quality content throughout the web is more likely to attract a prospective buyer for your home through those efforts.

Don't forget - in today's world, buyers on ONLINE, not in magazines.