Your Home for Sale: What is Your Buyer's First Impression?

One thing is always true - you never get a second chance to make a first impression. That's why the first impression your buyer has of your home is critical to how the whole transaction goes, or even if a transaction will take place.

What's the first impression your buyer has of your home? Is it inviting? In good repair? Clean? Attractive?

Buyers tend to judge homes by cost and "move - in" quality - the less they have to do to move - in, the better and the more they are willing to pay. A home that looks like a lot of work will cause the buyer to make a lower offer or none at all.

What can you do to assure that your home makes the best first impression?

  • Polish the front door knob, wash the glass/door and sweep front step area

  • Clear away any debris or clutter from the front door, inside and outside area to make entry to home seem more spacious and allow freedom of movement for more than one person.

  • Open windows daily for a few minutes to exchange stale air/or cooking odors, mildew/moisture from hot showers and laundry.

  • Switch low-watt bulbs to high-watt bulbs while selling, and turn all lights on (even for daytime viewings).