How to Create the Illusion of Space

Mirror mirror on the wall

By positioning mirrors in the right places, you have the power to make any room appear larger. Whether you live in a loft, or a four bedroom house, you can follow these tips to make small areas more comfortable.

  • If you are living in a loft, you probably might have pillars throughout the room. Mirror them and they'll seem to disappear.

  • If you want a hallway/stairway to appear wider: stagger mirrors at either side.

  • If you want a hallway/stairway to appear longer: a mirror at the end will double its length.

  • Make sure mirrors reflect only things you want to see more of. Do not place it across from a source of light, a favorite painting, or window.

  • You can multiply candles, flowers, etc. by joining together several mirrors with butt hinges and placing them behind the objects on a mantle or table.

  • Consider replacing dark closet doors with sliding mirrored doors to open up a space.

In living color...

The colors you choose to decorate a room contribute more than anything to the feelings you associate with it. Remember the following when choosing a color scheme.

  • The best color for opening up a room is bright white.

  • If bright white makes you shudder, try adding a few drops of your favorite color for a tint, warmer look.

  • If that's still not your cup of tea, try beige or light grey.

  • Bright colors like yellow and white seem more inviting & open because they reflect light.

  • Dark, dramatic colors like maroon and forest green seem more intimate because they absorb the light.

Remember... just because you live in a small space doesn't mean it has to feel that way.