Should You List Your Home With a Friend?

There are many mistakes a person can make when deciding to sell a home. One of the most serious is listing your home with a REALTOR just because that Realtor is your friend. Here's a situation that illustrates this point.

A seller listed his home with his best friend, who happened to be a Realtor. Because they were such good friends, the Realtor could not bring himself to tell the seller that his home was dirty and that it needed to be cleaned up if he was ever going to sell. The Realtor was also reluctant to break the news to the seller that he had spent thousands of dollars on home improvements that may have added to the sellers enjoyment but not increase the value of the sellers home.

As a result, the Realtor listed the sellers home several thousand dollars over the market value and in poor showing condition. Not surprisingly, the weeks passed with little activity and no offers.