Sellers. Time To Move On.

The decision to sell your home can come with a mixed bag of emotions. There is uncertainty and fear about how quickly your home will sell and for what dollar amount. There may be guilt about leaving behind family, friends or neighbors. You may also feel anxiety about what is to come. A less than stellar market has done little to ease these jitters. Many would-be sellers have even decided to forgo a move for fear that now isn't the time to sell. Many others who have made the leap are ruled by emotions of sadness or regret. How does one let go of a home where so many memories were made?

The answer is in the attitude. It's not about letting go. It's about moving forward.

In order to let go of the negative feelings that you have about the selling process, there are a few crucial steps to take.

  1. Be resolute about your decision. If we allow ourselves to go back and forth between "I should" and "I shouldn't", you'll always have uncertainty. Decide once and for all what is best for your family. Many people make pro and con lists. Others simply go with what feels right.

  2. Remember that memories aren't housed in the walls of your home. They live inside your mind. Those last a life time. Plus, take lots of pictures and video to document what life was like in your old home.

  3. Talk about your decision. Bottling or resisting emotions can simply make them more pronounced. If you feel anxiety, talk to your souse, friends and Realtor about it. It helps having a sounding board for fears and questions.

  4. Be willing to compromise. Today's sellers are finding tougher conditions. There are lots of homes on the market and that means more competition. Go into the selling process with the mind set that you may have to make certain concessions. Many sellers find they need to lower their price. They may need to pay the buyer's closing costs for example. They may need to move out sooner or later than anticipated.

  5. Refocus your attention. Refocus on the fact that you're moving on to a new phase in life. Many of you will be experiencing moving up to your dream home. No matter the reason for selling, get excited about the changes or opportunities in your life.