Neatness Leads To Top Selling Prices

Neatness-the elimination of clutter-is super important to the sale of a house.

You really need to take the excess stuff out of the house and pack it away. Many buyers subliminally equate a messy house with a house with problems.

The smell of cat urine in carpeting is tough to remove, no matter how well or how often the carpet is cleaned.

One of the sellers tried having the carpet professionally cleaned to remove the urine odor, but when it came back, it still smelled.

She persuaded the seller to throw the carpet out, which was great, because the hardwood floors underneath were much nicer.

Sellers are often torn between wanting to make a good impression and trying to meet every other obligation in busy lives.

If you get a call from your agent saying that a prospect will be coming in an hour and the house is a mess, what are you going to do?