Could Your Closet Be Turning Off Buyers?

Especially as the market slows in many areas, homeowners are looking to fine-tune the look of their homes before they put their house on the market. But all too often an area that gets forgotten is the closet.

Everyone seems to have more stuff than ever before and a lot of that stuff gets crammed into the closets. Then when you list the home on the market, and Mr. and Mrs. Buyer come to have a look, they reach for a closet door and are greeted with an overstuffed, unorganized mess. The prospective buyers don't see your valuables as prized possessions; instead what they see is too much stuff and too little space. Often buyers can't picture their belongings in a home that's filled with clutter. That's why a lot of agents will recommend organizing, not just the space you see immediately upon entering the home, but also the closets.

I think that instead of being kind of a luxury, now it's something that everybody thinks they need, an organized, well-planned closet can be a huge attraction. Everybody needs storage.

The requests for closet organizers are growing in an interesting way. Closets are turning into spaces where people don't just store their clothes. They're also considered an important upgrade for many buyers. Just as a large renovated kitchen and bathroom area are typically more appealing to buyers, so too are organized closets.

At the top of every homeowner's list is how to maximize space. "Sometimes that might be extending your organizers higher than what you have, maximizing the overhead space and sometimes it's a matter of using the extra space you have below with baskets and shoe shelves and things like that."

Being organized on the outside of your home creates curb appeal that gets prospective buyers in the door. Then keeping them there long enough to decide they can't live without your home requires careful, well-thought-out organization inside your home including those areas that you donŐt notice right away but your prospective buyers certainly will.